Ad - Libitum

43-450 Ustroń ul. Rynek 6

mobile: +48 508 239 161

e-mail: info@ad-libitum.com.pl





The long standing tradition of the company established in 1987 guarantees the highest quality of its manufactured equipment. Our equipment is sold all over the world, which proves our company’s reliability and the high quality of our products.

The high quality of the products and on-time deliveries have strengthened the position of our company as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Over the years, we have been consistently improving our company to achieve a high level of satisfaction among our clients.

Thanks to hiring the best specialists in the sector we are able to offer advice and consultation for every purchase our clients make, so that they prove the most suitable. The company provide services to individuals as well as big businesses and state-owned companies.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest standards ensuring safety and ease of use. We manufacture equipment for recreation and rehabilitation as well as training and research machines for the military sector in line with the latest engineering achievements .

With all purchased equipment, we provide our clients with documents required for its use (documents are issued in all languages). We offer technical service throughout the lifetime of the machines on all the continents.

All our products are patented, and all attempts at imitating, copying or forging them shall be treated as a breach of the rules of fair competition in accordance with the Polish law, Legal Regulations of the European Union and International Agreements. Consequently, we shall enforce any relevant claims in court, including filing for due compensation and damages.

The owner of Ad Libitum trademark is P.W.TYTUS - POLAND